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Meet Chloe Remigio, Biracial Filipino American

Learn all about Chloe Remigo, a biracial Filipino American.


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Petition in Indian Supreme Court About the Illegality of Gay Sex

A petition has been filed in the Indian supreme court about the illegality of gay sex between two consenting adults.


See original article at The Asian Age.

Deepa Patel, Chicago Asian LGBTQ community organizer Passes Away

South Asian LGBTQ Chicago community organizer Deepa Patel passed away at age 31.


See original article at Windy City Times.

Anti-Marriage Equality Referendums in Taiwan

This article discusses the recent anti-marriage equality referendums in Taiwan.


See full post at ketagalan media.

Call Me By Your Name Banned in China

Call Me By Your Name, an oscar winning movie, has been banned in China.


See full article at Asian Media International.

First Gay Related Film Released in China Theaters

Looking for Rohmer is a French-Chinese co production that has made LGBTQ history in China. It’s about a dancer who mourns his friend that died in an avalanche. Unfortunately, there were only three people at opening night in Shanghai, all gay. Some people thought the film is more comparable to an art house film, as the gay themes are very subtle and may not even be noticed by non-LGBTQ people.


See full article at advocate.

Chinese Weibo Banned All Content Related to Homosexuality

The Chinese social media site Weibo started banning any content related to homosexuality but reversed its policy after many users complained.


See article at metro uk.

Gay Orgy Scene Appears in Gay Taiwanese Film “Sodom’s Cat”

This film explores gay hookup culture that has been enabled through social media. Despite its graphic content and an orgy scene, the film is supposed to explore deeper issues related to hookup culture.


See full post at instinctmagazine.

Gay Asian Actor Lee Doud Talks About Discrimination Toward Asians

After writing an editorial for the Advocate about discrimination in the gay world, Doud was invited to talk about his experiences with discrimination professionally and personally at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He is currently an actor in the gay themed series “I’m Fine”.


See article at Windy City Times.

Social Justice Comedy

Queer comedy group Enemies of Dorothy, produced this video where some bad guys refuse to commit a crime because of their sensitivity to social justice themes.

“Oh sure buddy, try to tell us how hate against women and Asian-Americans isn’t alive and well in the gay community.” This is the only line related to gaysians in the video, but that’s understandable as many groups are mentioned.


See full article and video at GAYTIMES.

Podcast: Boys and BB Cream

Sixth Tone’s reporters discuss makeup and modern masculinity in China as a growing number of men use makeup.


Listen to podcast at SIXTHTONE.

People gather for Asia’s gay icon Leslie Cheung 15 years after his death

People gathered on April 1 to celebrate Leslie Cheung, one of Hong Kong’s most popular singers in the 1980s, who came out during a very conservative time.


See article at BBC.

Imperfect Democracy: The Way for Marriage Equality in Taiwan

Will Civil Code amendments or new legislation best serve the rights of same-sex couples in Taiwan?


See article at thediplomat.

Laks at Stonewall Equality Dinner

Gaysians co-founder Laks Mann recently attended the Stonewall Equality Dinner 2018.  The annual event was led by Ruth Hunt (Chief Executive), with a keynote speech by Olly Alexander (Years & Years)  and live entertainment by Collabro.

For the LGBT community and allies, the event was a celebration of our collective…


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Female Metal Vocalists in Taiwan: Exclusive Interview with Arch Enemy, Greedy Black Hole

On the tail of National Women’s Month, female-fronted Swedish death metal band Arch Enemy descended on Taiwan on April 1, for their 4th performance here. Women are a rare though rapidly rising populace in a male-dominated and often misogynist genre, where outfits like Cannibal Corpse sing…


See full article at ketagalan media.

Real Stories: Being a Gay South Asian in Britain

Despite acceptance in the West, the gay South Asian community still faces considerable challenges in Britain. DESIblitz has an intimate discussion with LGBT Asians about their personal experiences.


See article at desiblitz.


Diary Entry #26: My Firsts

Dear Diary,

They say you never forget your first love. There’s a reason for this. When you first find yourself taken with another you’re taken by surprise. So, when you fall you free-fall and usually to the bottom of adolescence’s hormonal wishing well. You don’t go in guarded because you don’t…


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Ferhan Khan on Fubar Radio for International Women’s Day

Ferhan Khan sat down with the team at FUBAR Radio during their 24 hour #HeForShe guest marathon for UN Women to talk all things gay + asian. The 24 hour broadcast was a fundraising event with all the proceeds going to the UN WOMEN NC UK to change the reality for…


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China film festival pulls gay film ‘Call Me By Your Name’ from programme

DESPITE international praise and an Oscar under its belt, award-winning gay romance movie “Call Me By Your Name” has been pulled from the line up of China’s biggest film festival, the movie’s distributor said on Monday. Asian Correspondent.


See article at asiancorrespondent.

Bubble_T, New York’s hottest gay Asian event, grows bigger, but is losing its Asian majority

Parties hosted by the gay Asian-American community group in New York have quickly taken their place among the city’s hottest events, but its founders, and regulars, worry their popularity is causing the crowd to become less ‘gaysian’.


See article at South China Morning Post.

Gaysians @ BFI Flare

Gaysians is delighted to announce that we’re a community partner for BFI Flare: London LGBTQ+ Film Festival!

Join us for a screening of insightful shorts charting the queer Asian experience on Friday 23rd March, Saturday 24th March and Sunday 1st April.

Tickets go on sale on 5th March 2018 at 11:30am and will…


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Women’s March Taiwan: Building an Inclusive Community for Women’s Rights

In recent years, Taiwan’s respect for human rights and minorities have been recognized around the world as one of its key advantages to maintain its international competitiveness while keeping the island nation attractive to foreign expatriates and visitors. With the election of its first female president in…


See full article at ketagalan media.

Diary Entry #25: Lake Town

Dear Diary,

I’m claustrophobic, and large groups of people scare me. I also smoke like a chimney and have an unhealthy devotion to caffeine. All of this, made this morning’s stroll through the madness of Times Square after a hearty breakfast consisting of a) four American Spirit cigarettes, b) one large…


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Desi Lesbians held at the Ritzy Picturehouse

Desi Lesbians Panel

On Sunday 25th February, Gaysians held our first solo event of the year, DESI LESBIANS: Where are you?, at the Ritzy Picturehouse in Brixton.

The sold-out event featured the screening of female-led films, including Signature Move, a story about a desi Muslim lesbian, Zaynab, trying to keep both her love…


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‘Desi Lesbians’ on BBC Asian Network

Gaysians co-founder and Desi Lesbians moderator, Reeta Loi, and Desi Lesbians panellist Shelina of Hidayah were interviewed on BBC Asian Network by Nomia Iqbal on 22nd February 2018 to discuss Desi Lesbians and the cultural factors that lead to desi lesbian invisibility.

Listen to the interview (begins at 2h40).


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