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Gaysian House Party

Gaysian videographer and photographer based in Las Angeles hosts a party every two months. The latest party is for the Lunar New Year. It comes complete with a photo room and photographer as well as take home gifts.

Is the term Gaysian Offensive?

Chris, Filipino American as well as artist and advocate, talks about whether the term gaysian is offensive or not. He also talks about his coming out process and racism in the gay community.

Scott Yahr got Catfished By a Straight Guy on Grindr

Scotty Arh talks about his experience of being “catfished” by someone who claimed to be straight and inexperienced on grindr when the reality was completely opposite.



Three men explore how everyone brings different prejudices into dating.

Writer/Director/Producer: Austin Wong

Scotty Arh Tells His Coming Out Story

Scotty Arh tells his coming out story of how initially he was bullied by other students when he came out in high school and then by the time he was a senior, how he gained the respect of his classmates. He also talks a little bit about his relationship with his parents and whether or not he is out to them.

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